Choosing The Right Sound

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The music is one of the details your guests will remember most after leaving your event. Picking the right ‘sound’ or music for your event venue depends on many factors, like the size and design of the space. Is it an open-air event or one hosted indoors?

What kind of event is it?

Weddings and anniversary parties normally require romantic tracks and some peppy dance mixes. These cannot be the same for a business gathering, where people need to interact and converse a lot more.

Where will it be hosted?

Indoor venues normally offer better acoustics, while concert halls and auditoriums are perfect for events where the music is more than just background entertainment. Hint: Live bands sound fantastic outdoors!

Does the music match the pace?

Ambient music and sound affect the mood of any gathering and can even set the pace for festivities. If you want guests to mingle when they arrive and start dancing later, the right playlist can work wonders.

Live band or DJ?

Professional DJs can pick music that is best-suited for different requirements, but a good live band can do that too. While it’s a personal choice, live music is normally better-received at weddings and parties, especially where dancing is involved.

Is the venue equipped for music?

While most event venues offer in-house equipment and space for musicians to set up, you should check with them anyway. It’s no use hiring a band if they are going to be placed ‘wherever’, or finding that there are no speaker systems at the venue.

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